Becoming an RE teacher

Are you interested in helping the next generation learn how to think?

Do you want a challenging and rewarding career helping young people engage with the big questions in life?

Religious education is a subject that places students at the heart of the complex and dynamic nature of our multi religious, multi secular world. It has never been more important, recognised by wider society as vital for preparing students for life in global Britain. Students often describe it as the one time in school where they can think independently about the people, events and beliefs in the world around them.We are looking for ambitious graduates from a range of subjects including sociology, psychology, criminology, theology, philosophy and other humanities who can deliver an academic and rigorous curriculum aimed at getting young people to think critically about their own beliefs and those of others.

If you are interested in learning more about how a career as a teacher of RE can work for you – a career that’s beyond the ordinary – watch our webinar below to find out more from current RE teachers. Salaries start at £30k with a range of locations available across the country.

Webinar recording

Recorded on 27th March 2023. Find out from current RE teachers what it's like to have a career beyond the ordinary.

Webinar slides

Routes into teaching


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PGCE route


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SCITT route


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Why does an education in religion and worldviews matter?

In this short film, Rosetta Fourlagawo a journalist at Sky News explains the importance of the subject for her workplace.

Why become a teacher of RE/religion and worldviews?

Seen through the eyes of Lynsey Wilkinson, Head of RE at Redhill Academy near Nottingham and her students, the Beyond the Ordinary film shows how RE helps young people make sense of the world around them. The short film gives the teacher’s view on a subject, where the answers are rarely straightforward and sometimes raise more questions.