Teacher Recruitment

Being able to navigate the complex world of religion and worldviews is vital for young people.

As Anna, age 16, one of our competition winners says,

Religious education is more than learning about culture; it is concerned with delving deeper into the motivations and momentum behind humanity, and the core decisions of the past that have impacted our lives today. The purpose of religious education is to promote an understanding, as it is only when we understand each other, can we begin to cherish diversity.

RE/religion and worldviews is a subject that places students at the heart of the complex and dynamic nature of our multi religious, multi secular world. It has never been more important and is recognised by wider society as vital for preparing students for life in global Britain.

As Maxwell, age 14, another one of our competition winners says,

I believe that it is RE which is one of the few subjects that can be applied to your life every single day. Whether it is learning someone else’s beliefs and traditions and / or reasons to believe in a God or higher power, RE empowers people to be more respectful to everyone creating a thriving warm environment that values everyone.

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