Project Grants

What is a project grant?

We award project grants up to £30K. Our grant funded projects in 2022-23 ranged from £6,625 to £30,000. If you are thinking of applying for a grant, please check our eligibility criteria before proceeding. You may also want to view our presentation on applying for a grant, or attend a session live.  We welcome applications for small, new innovative projects or seed-corn funding; as well as applications for larger research projects or initiatives which support the Trust’s vision and strategic goals. You can view current grant funded projects here.

If you are seeking more than £30K in funding please contact the Chief Executive, Dr Kathryn Wright, to discuss this ( and also consider whether your project could be funded by more than one Trust or Foundation, please see here for other sources of funding.

We welcome applications from individuals, organisations, charities and corporate bodies.

Grant Application Process

Applications for project grants are taken in two stages. Stage 1 is an initial short expression of interest application. If this is accepted, you will be invited to complete a fuller Stage 2 application form. You will normally have about 2 weeks to complete this second form and will be invited to have a phone conversation with the Chief Executive about your application before it is considered by Trustees. Your application will be considered, and you will be notified whether you have been successful either after the Grants’ Committee meeting or after the Full Board meeting. This is usually about 6 weeks after the application deadline but can be up to 10 weeks. If your expression of interest is not accepted or is held at Stage 1 you will be notified of this approximately one week after the deadline.

Our next application deadline is 16th January 2024.

We welcome conversations about potential projects throughout the year please contact us if you would like to arrange a chat.

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In this presentation Dr Kathryn Wright, CEO, outlines the Trust strategy and priorities, the grants process and unpacks some of the language used in grant applications.

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