Other Sources of Funding

Looking for a grant elsewhere? We work closely with a range of other RE funders, including the Association of Church College Trusts.

The Association of Church College Trusts was formed in 1979, as a loosely-knit organisation of autonomous trusts. In their different ways the Trusts support and promote work in education. Although all the Trusts have some involvement with RE and church-related education, each has a different emphasis and some have additional priorities. Some Trusts focus on projects in their own geographical location.

All Saints Educational Trust

Imaginative new projects which will enhance the Church’s contribution to higher and further education are considered for funding.
Date for applications: 31st March annually.
Website: http://www.aset.org.uk

Hockerill Educational Foundation

Corporate grants to support the development of Religious Education, particularly in the Dioceses of Chelmsford and St Albans.
Date for applications: By 1 March each year.
Website: http://www.hockerillfoundation.org.uk

Keswick Hall Trust

Grants are considered for research in Religious Education. Priority to Trust’s own projects, then to teachers or student teachers and to work in East Anglia.
Website: http://www.keswickhalltrust.org.uk

St Luke’s College Foundation

The Foundation’s object is the advancement of further and higher education in religious education and theology. Grants are awarded to to eligible organisations for related initiatives and facilities. The Foundation does not finance buildings, or provide bursaries for institutions to administer; and it is precluded from the direct support of schools (although it supports teachers who are taking eligible studies).
Date for applications: 1st May for grants for the following academic year.
Website: www.StLukesCF.org.uk

St Mary’s College Trust

Grants are only awarded in very exceptional circumstances.
Charity Commission Information and email: https://beta.charitycommission.gov.uk/charity-details/?subid=0&regid=525787

The Foundation of St Matthias

Consideration is usually restricted to bodies promoting projects for the educational training of others. Priority is given to imaginative new projects which will enhance the church’s contribution to further or higher education.
Date for applications: 31st May and 30th September.
Website: http://www.stmatthiastrust.org.uk

Sarum St Michael Educational Charity

Grants for RE resources to local schools (Diocese of Salisbury). Corporate grants, where funds permit, to certain projects within the Diocese of Salisbury or adjacent Dioceses.
Website: http://www.sarumstmichael.org/

St Hild and St Bede Trust

Restricted to advancement of higher and further education in the dioceses of Durham and Newcastle.
Date for applications: 1 June.
Website: https://www.sthildandstbedetrust.co.uk

St Peter’s Saltley Trust

The Trust’s annual income is committed to initiating, supporting and evaluating locally based projects in adult theological education, further education and RE development in schools. The Trust’s area of benefit comprises the region covered by the Anglican Dioceses of Birmingham, Coventry, Hereford, Lichfield and Worcester. The Trust is unable to fund ongoing core costs or capital projects (e.g. ongoing staff salaries or building improvements).
Website: https://www.saltleytrust.org.uk

St Christopher’s Educational Trust

Small grants to initiate or enhance resources (not buildings) of any religious education enterprise (normally Church of England) or research into theory and practice of teaching religious education, with bias towards work with young people.
Website: https://www.churchofengland.org/more/education-and-schools/st-christophers-educational-trust

Westhill Endowment Trust

Restricted to community projects. Committed to promoting religious education in a manner which reflects the principles of the Christian religion and the tradition of the historic free churches and the promotion of dialogue and educational interchange between the Christian Church and persons of other faiths.
Website: http://www.westhillendowment.org


In addition, the Christian Funders Forum website provides details of other funders with a specific Christian focus.

Hibbert Trust: Projects which align with the objectives of the Trust are invited. Three deadlines per year – details on the website.