Leadership Scholarship Programme

Programme Aims

This programme aims to provide opportunities for emerging Religion and Worldviews* leaders to expand and deepen their reflections on educational leadership in the subject, through receiving mentoring, structured challenges, research insights, inspirational networking events, and experience of professional development delivery.

Programme Outline

The funded programme aims to develop leaders in the following four areas.

Programme Partners

The programme brings together the following organisations who all have representatives on the steering group which oversees the programme:

• Association of RE Advisers, Inspectors and Consultants (AREIAC)
• Association of University Lecturers on RE (AULRE)
• Learn, Teach, Lead RE (LTLRE)
• National Association of SACREs (NASACRE)
• National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE)
• RE Council of England and Wales (REC)

The programme is funded by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust.

Apply for the Programme

In 2023-24, we are making a few changes to the programme. When you apply you will now be signing up with the intention of committing two years to the programme, but with flexibility built in. We have found that our participants benefit from the programme most when they have two years of mentoring. Please download the information booklet for more about this change. When you are ready to apply please use this link here.

We welcome applicants from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Open to teachers from key stages 1 through 5, who are leading RE outside their own school.

Closing date for applications is 24th March 2023

*religion, values and ethics in Wales, religious and moral education in Scotland

Watch this short video to find out more

Webinar recording

Recorded on 23rd February 2023 Claire Clinton and Kathryn Wright host a webinar to help teachers interested in making an application to the Leadership Scholarship Programme understand what the programme offers. Hear from teachers who are on the programme and have completed it.

What do current participants say?

It was great to be able to engage with the concept of leadership on more of a strategic and theoretical way.

I have got loads from the programme so far. I have seen RE in a different light – in terms of bigger picture and national. I really enjoyed the research module of the TEACH RE course we are covering. I am doing something now for a diocese and am now feeling confident to bring it to my group. I wouldn’t have had the confidence – this programme has made me think I can do this.

Mentors have been brilliant. Having time with someone to talk about leadership has been really incredibly helpful.

The mentors have been brilliant – words of wisdom and the right recipe. I really enjoyed being part of the reading group – great to have dialogue – zoom didn’t hinder the process in any way. It is all making sense to me now – at the time I found them hard, but it was good for me to be stretched.

There can be a fear of saying the wrong thing. Having this smaller community, enabling us to speak out, is great as a foundation. I feel so much more confident now outside of my schools to speak about RE.

Listen to Katie discuss how the Leadership Programme transformed her career on the RE Podcast

The RE Podcast Season 5 Episode 10 The one about the Leadership Programme


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