Current Projects

Here you will find all of our current projects. A complete list of all our awarded corporate grants since November 2016 in the 360Giving data standard* is available here.

Strategic Funding Awards 2021-22

These are donations made to some of our partners for work which directly supports the Culham St Gabriel’s strategic objectives. Award holders have the same expectations placed upon them as grantees. The Trust welcomes conversations about its strategy with potential new partners. Currently the following awards have been made to:

The Religious Education Council of England and Wales to develop its own strategy and operations over the next three years: £150,000 over three years (£50K 2021-22, £50K 2022-23, £50K 2023-24)

The RE Policy Unit to continue its campaigning, advocacy, and lobbying work: £30,000

RE Today Services who will hold the budget and oversee operations for a reimagined infrastructure project managed by a newly formed steering group representing all the main RE organisations: £45,000

NATRE Leadership Fund to enable teachers to attend meetings with high level officials, Ofsted, Ofqual and so on: £1000

NATRE Chair Support to enable the chair to fulfil her role effectively £12,000 over three years (£4K per year beginning in April 2021 paid to NATRE/Chair’s school to release her)

RE Council Chair Support to enable the chair to fulfil her role effectively £12,000 over three years (£4K per year beginning in Sept 2021 paid to the Chair’s employer to release her)

Grants Awarded 2021-22

The Religion Media Centre have been awarded a second grant to build on their highly successful Creating Connections project. This new award will bring this initiative to another five cities across the UK over the coming 12 months. You can read more about the project and its impact so far here.

Grant Awarded £25,000

Portsmouth SACRE have been awarded a grant to increase teachers’ subject knowledge about the diversity of Christian beliefs, values and ways of worship (and to be able to apply this knowledge in a way that fits their own local school community). The project will improve teachers’ understanding of this diversity through workshops and interactive discussions, develop a mutually supportive community of learning. produce a set of resources that teachers can share with others, and create a network of speakers that can be used by schools going forward.

Grant Awarded £2385

London Oratory School have been awarded a grant to develop a new KS3 curriculum that embeds high challenge and an academically inspiring approach to RE with principles from Religion and Worldviews and a hermeneutical approach to RE as well as a focus on lived experience and power of religion. In particular this project seeks to meet the demands of the RE Curriculum Directory 2022 in a genuinely outstanding manner, to share expertise with schools and teachers, to encourage reflection on pedagogy and the nature and value of Catholic RE in the context of developments in Religion and Worldviews and to produce a KS3 Scheme of work that embodies a genuinely excellent approach to RE and the new RECD.

Grant Awarded £8240

Ormiston Academies Trust have been awarded a grant to give purpose and aim to RE so that teachers and students are clear about what constitutes the subject, what will be taught and learnt and the difference it will make to students, schools and communities. Specifically the project will:

  • Define the end goals for RE in terms of substantive, disciplinary and personal knowledge
  • Create a curriculum model that details progress towards the end goals in terms of substantive, disciplinary and personal knowledge.
  • Make the curriculum the progression model and assess (formatively and summatively) using Curriculum Related Expectations
  • Allow for the curriculum / progression model to be tailored for content / curriculum experiences relevant to an individual locality

Grant awarded: £25,300

Church in Wales have been awarded a grant to enable schools and teachers to have the confidence to design multidisciplinary Religion, Values and Ethics curriculums relevant to the needs of their learners, that are critical, objective and pluralistic and are supported by the pedagogical principles of the new Welsh curriculum.

Grant awarded: £18,700

The University of Nottingham have been awarded a grant to:

  • Ensure that the move towards Religion and Worldviews is informed by teachers, by hearing and foregrounding their voices.
  • Bridge the gap between RE in schools and Theology and Religious Studies in Higher education, by helping teachers to inform the Research and Knowledge Exchange agenda around Religion and Worldviews.
  • Create a collaborative network of teachers and academics working on worldview, to support knowledge sharing and opportunities for joined-up and collaborative research.
  • Help create a more cohesive, constructive understanding of worldview among teachers.
  • Build teachers’ confidence regarding the concept of worldview, and how to use it in the classroom’.

Grant awarded: £29,522

The Rose Castle Foundation have been awarded a grant to enable children to be able to talk confidently about their beliefs and values in the company of those who have diverse worldviews and backgrounds through mutual critical engagement. The aims of the project are:

  • To increase teachers’ subject knowledge about sacred texts and other significant text based carriers of meaning.
  • To improve teachers’ understanding of the practice of Scriptural Reasoning through active personal participation.
  • To help teachers to apply their knowledge of Scriptural Reasoning in a way that fits their own local school communities and contexts.
  • To develop a mutually supportive community of learning.

Awarded: £4,950

The Independent Schools Religious Studies Association have been awarded a grant to promote the public perception of religious studies as valuable and importance, and to widen participation in 16+ and 18+ exams. Through a competition, they aim to widen engagement with intellectual rigour from prep school students upwards. Awarded: £1,625

The David Ross Education Trust have been awarded a grant to develop the epistemic abilities of students in line with the ways of knowing approach outlined in the Ofsted Research Review (Ofsted Research Review, May 2021 pp 9-10). The project will track and analyse the development of knowledge in students and their increasing proficiency in the disciplines of Theology, Philosophy, History and Human Sciences. Awarded: £4,925.50

Canterbury Christ Church University has been awarded a grant for the co-creation of ‘mood boards’ through workshops with teachers. The mood boards will provide a scaffold for planning and a visual stimulus for others, to seed future worldviews curriculum plans. The award will also enable the convening of a national worldviews seminar of around 30 people at CCCU to enable a practical exploration to take place. The project aims to contribute to the development of a shared language around worldviews in the classroom and to create a network of practitioners who will continue to share their own work and further contribute to the conversation. Awarded £17,428

The University of Bristol has been awarded a grant to partner with Religion and Worldviews practitioners in a cutting-edge, innovative opportunity to discuss Race and Education, prompted by a series of films online and in-person, within an international group of academics and practitioners. The aim is to promote a positive, accessible and informed perception of the contribution that Religion and Worldviews has within both the taught and hidden curriculum, highlight capacity to speak to issues of race, decolonisation, globalisation and anti-racism as well as recognising its limits. Awarded £5,000

Edge Hill University have been awarded a grant to develop a summer school based on a pilot that took place in 2021. The proposal will see up to fifteen teachers of religion and worldviews across England and Wales develop their subject knowledge via a week-long summer school with input from specialist researchers. Each participant will develop curriculum materials linked to the summer school’s core theme, which can be shared with the subject community. The project will explore the unique contribution of the summer school format to CPD in Religion and Worldviews and disseminate the research findings appropriately. Awarded £9,975.

Grants Awarded 2020-21

St Barnabas CE Primary School in Warrington has been awarded a grant to promote a greater understanding of religion and worldviews through the development of higher order literacy skills. The project will facilitate people of different worldview traditions, enabling them to come together to share their sacred texts in an environment of mutual trust and respect. This will be happen through the creation of a series of story tent festivals and family workshops for the local and wider school community. £1,000 awarded.

A team of advisors and early years practitioners have been awarded a grant to influence the quality of religion and worldviews education for EYFS pupils and educationalists nationally, to facilitate greater understanding of the diverse and plural lived experience of individuals and communities within society. The aim is to empower educationalists and EYFS pupils, by providing a high-quality religion and worldviews model digital curriculum too, to support their knowledge and understanding. The team includes: Gill Vaisey, Catriona Card, Naomi Emison, Sally Giovanelli, Jan McGuire and Trudy Sore. £11,750 awarded.

Lincoln Diocesan Board of Education has been awarded a grant for a project entitled Empowering Voices. This will support young people and their families in Lincolnshire, (where less than 3/100 people are BAME) and beyond to understand the significance of a worldviews approach to understanding what it means to live well together. The project aims to support people to engage with the rich tapestry of cultural and religious diversity in the UK so that they are less likely to discriminate in future. £20,000 awarded.

The University of Strathclyde has been awarded a grant for a project which aims to promote a new vision for Religion and Worldviews (R&W) education establishing the intellectual rigour of the subject in current and educational research. Specifically, the project draws attention to the limitations of the predominant world religions paradigm in the educational representation of religion and worldviews: too often religions are represented as discrete, stable systems of belief. Drawing on expertise of academic specialists in religion and education along with experienced teachers, the project reimagines R&W education that recognises the complexity of subject matter while acknowledging the pedagogical challenges. The dissemination of this project will include curricula materials which may also be used to make a case for a policy shift to illustrate the nature of the new vision for Religion and Worldviews. £16,600 awarded.

Faith and Belief Forum/Open University/Inform Collaborative Partnership have been awarded a grant to better align attitudes of key stakeholders within the education sector, but ‘outside the classroom’ to the critical importance of good teaching of Religion and Worldviews (RW) inside the classroom. The target groups include headteachers, school governors, CEOs of MATS as well as civil servants at both local and national levels who have roles in advising and implementing education policy. They will also produce resources to help teachers and teacher educators advocate for the crucial importance of a Religion and Worldviews curriculum to school leadership and to parents. Through a series of roundtable discussions, this project will identify key challenges and insights relevant to promoting a shared vision of an education in Religion and Worldviews, producing support materials and networks required for responding to the challenges identified. £51,480 awarded.

University of Birmingham with St Peter Saltley Trust has been awarded a grant to help change the way the public and key decision-makers understand the relevance of questions of religion and belief to the unfolding crises facing the climate and nature. Working with teachers in the West Midlands, the project aims to:
a) Better understand the ways environmental ethics and practice are currently taught within RE/RS, and gain a more accurate picture of what teachers need;
b) Develop teacher confidence and subject leadership, starting with a cohort of 8 teachers participating in a six month teacher fellowship programme;
c) Through the fellowship programme, to collaboratively create new resources and materials for primary and secondary pupils;
d) To develop a website and associated network of teachers who can share further resources, materials and pedagogies in this area of Religion and Worldviews. £17, 809 awarded.

Cumbria SACRE and Cumbria Development Education Centre have been awarded a grant to create a facilitated virtual platform for teachers to access local religious and non-religious representatives, both for classroom use and as an opportunity for teachers to develop their own subject knowledge and understanding. Cumbria SACRE representatives have committed to the provision of facilitated events on a regular basis for up to 18 months –potentially on average fortnightly. The events will allow pupils to question representatives about how and why they live a religious or non-religious life. This focus on the lived experience of individuals will enable the project to engage with the national dimension of RE outlined in the proposed Statement of Entitlement in the CoRE report (2018). Other strands of the project include a new online network and resources as well as providing a project template for other SACREs to consider in their own contexts. £10,000 awarded.

Details of virtual visits to Year 7 and 8 by five Christian ‘voices’ and three Muslim ‘voices’ as part of this project can be found here.

Grants Awarded 2019-20

For completed projects see the Completed Projects page

RE Today Services The research and planning phase for Understanding Islam (provisional title). This includes initial drafting of the resource, trials in schools and the setting up of a theological advisory group including scholars from a range of Muslim communities and academic institutions. £44,715 awarded.

Diocese of Bristol/South Gloucestershire Local Authority The ‘RE Hive’ project: peer to peer school improvement. To identify RE subject leaders and train them to provide peer to peer support. £9,525 awarded.

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