Religion Media Centre

Grants Awarded 2020-21 £15,000, 2021-22 £2,500

Culham St Gabriel’s funded an innovative project to bring together the media, faith representatives and education professionals who share the common goal of helping the public understanding of religion.  “Creating Connections” events were organised by the Religion Media Centre in 5 cities – Leeds, Plymouth, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester, in October and November 2021. RE teachers joined the events in every city, contributing their knowledge of the local religious landscape and engaging in conversation with groups not usually brought together in this common endeavour. 86% of the RE teachers, academics and members of SACREs who attended the meetings said the event had improved their idea of the media. One said the meeting was important for networking and sharing contacts “at a level where things might actually happen”. Watch a film about the events here.

For more detailed information about the project please see here.