Culham St Gabriel’s Trust welcomes the publishing of a National Content Standard for RE

Culham St Gabriel’s Trust’s vision is for a broad- based, critical and reflective education in religion and worldviews contributing to a well-informed, respectful, and open society. The publishing of a National Content Standard for RE in English schools by the Religious Education Council is therefore welcomed wholeheartedly by the Trust.

One of the Trust’s recently revised strategic objectives is to influence government’s policies in supporting a high-quality education in religion and worldviews, including the implementation of a National Plan in England. The publishing of a National Content Standard is one step towards this as it seeks to establish a benchmark for what constitutes high quality in the subject. It provides clarification and promotes academic rigour in the subject, supporting syllabus creators and curriculum writers in developing excellence in all schools.

Culham St Gabriel’s aim to support those who want to use this National Content Standard by providing continuing professional development through our e-learning platform, access to research through RE:ONLINE and by continuing to campaign for recruitment and retention of well-qualified teachers of RE.

To view The National Content Standard for RE please click here.

Dr Kathryn Wright, Chief Executive
Dr Linda Whitworth, Chair of the Trust

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