Waiting… in anticipation!

Advent (which began officially on 28th November) is traditionally a time of waiting, although the actual word comes from the Latin, adventus, or ‘coming’. This time of year, there are many festivals, including Hanukah, Bodhi Day and the Winter Solstice many of which feature the concept of light overcoming darkness. RE:ONLINE’s festival calendar provides some useful information on these celebrations and seasons, as well as links to resources.

As I write this blog I’m beginning to look ahead to next term and Culham St Gabriel’s plans for the New Year. It feels very much like a time of waiting before we launch new things in January. So, I thought I’d give you a bit of a preview, so you know what is coming!

We have a very exciting line up for our ‘In conversation…’ events. Although it happened largely by accident, there is a distinct society and culture theme to the research being shared next term. We will be hearing about research undertaken in different worldview communities during the pandemic and how this has impacted on expressions of belief. We will be hearing about digital expressions of worldviews, decolonising teaching about Jesus in primary schools, and learning more about how we might map ‘sacredness’. Lastly, the Jewish Museum London will be sharing more about their project exploring diversity and inclusion in curation.

We have just published details for most of these on our website and you can sign up here.


Leadership Programme and Masters Scholarship logos


At the end of January, we will be opening up applications for our leadership programme and our Masters scholarship programme (both beginning September 2022). We will share more details about these in our newsletters, and on our websites. We are delighted that some of the leadership programme team and participants will be sharing more about what is involved at one of the Strictly RE twilight events.


Lastly, after much consideration we are going to hold a second RE:ONLINE Competition! More details to follow, but the theme in 2022 will be ‘Lessons that make a difference’. We will be accepting both written and audio-visual entries this year. If you’re a teacher, you may want to plan in some time for your pupils to enter next term!!

So, you will now have to wait… but at least you know some of the things that are coming!

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Kathryn Wright Chief Executive Officer, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust @kathrynfenlodge

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