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Spring Series 2022

We are delighted to welcome some new speakers this term many of which explore the intersection between religion, worldviews, society and culture.

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Wednesday 26th January 7-8pm In conversation with… Assistant Professor Tim Hutchings and Dr Jasjit Singh

How is religion changing in a digital age?

In this conversation, two academic researchers discuss how religious groups are adapting to the new possibilities of digital communication, from virtual world pilgrimages to YouTube preachers and sacred texts on your smartphone. Digital religion connects new voices to new audiences, allowing people around the world to explore (and abandon) religious identity in new ways. Find out more so you can share up to date research about the lived religious landscape with pupils and/or other adults.

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Wednesday 9th February 4.15-5.15pm In Conversation with…Dr Ana Souto

Mapping Sacredness

This presentation explores sacred spaces through the lens of its users in Nottingham. This is a method which could be used in the classroom to understand how students recognise and experience sacredness in their neighbourhood/ context. The analysis of the socio-spatial mapping of users’ experiences reveals a multi-layered engagement with sacred spaces. It recognises the value of individual personal experiences and definitions of said sacred spaces, moving from religious buildings and sites to concepts of peace, tranquillity, or home.

Kathryn heard Ana speak at an event in Nottingham and immediately wanted to invite her to share her work with more teachers!

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Wednesday 9th March 4.15-5.15pm In Conversation with… Justine Ball

An approach to decolonising teaching about Jesus in primary schools

Justine will link scholarship in Religious, Biblical and Theological Studies with decolonising the curriculum with a focus on the teaching of Jesus in primary schools. Justine has been one of our Culham St Gabriel’s masters scholars and is also a member of the leadership programme steering group. We are thrilled that Justine has agreed to share her research with us in this way.

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Wednesday 23rd March 4.15-5.15pm In Conversation with…The Jewish Museum London Team

Teaching Inclusive Judaism

What does it actually mean to be Jewish? Is Judaism a religion, culture or ethnicity? How can we teach Judaism holistically, whilst giving space to the different intersectional communities? What does it mean to be ‘Jewish and…?’Join the Jewish Museum London Team as they share more about the process behind their latest project Inclusive Judaism, funded by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust. This project brings authentic and diverse images straight from the Jewish community directly to the classrooms in the form of an online image library.

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