In Conversation…. Series 2020-21

This new series of virtual seminars brings researchers and teachers together through conversation about Religion and Worldviews. In each session the researcher will give a very brief summary of a key piece of research or project and invite participants to ask questions, provide feedback and comment. Each session is hosted by a teacher, adviser or member of the Culham St Gabriel’s Team.


Wednesday 14th April 7-8pm

In Conversation with Professor Linda Woodhead

Theme: The rise of values and their role in schools, society and personal identity.

Linda will share her current research related particularly to GenZ and their beliefs and values, as well as why ‘values’ have become so prominent. This is a really important ‘in conversation’ event to understand the context in which teachers of Religion and Worldviews operate.

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Wednesday 28th April 4.15-5.15pm

In Conversation with Professor Denise Cush

Theme: Hindu worldview traditions

Denise and a colleague recently reimagined the Hindu subject knowledge essay for RE:ONLINE available at

Denise will share some of the research that underpins this essay, as well as discussing the positioning of her work and the methodologies employed.

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Wednesday 12th May 7-8pm

In Conversation with Emily Downe and Jason Ramasami

Theme: Visual communication in a digital age. Why innovation matters for today’s teachers of religion and worldviews.

This event features a conversation with Emily Downe and Jason Ramasami on how animation and illustration can be used as powerful tools for classroom learning. They will share examples of their work and some of the principles around engaging today’s pupils with complex ideas, particularly in religion and worldviews  using visual narrative forms. The event will include a showcase of a new animation about the concept of worldview.

Emily Downe is an animation director. She has an MA in Documentary Animation from the Royal College of Art. Alongside working as Creative Designer at Theos, she works independently as an animation director, specialising in documentary short film, and she is a co-director of Studio Desk. Emily has a passion for visual communication; expanding research through visual metaphor and engaging design.

Jason Ramasami is a teacher with 25 years of experience working in secondary schools teaching RE, Media and Art. In addition to this, he has developed as an illustrator and filmmaker with a keen interest in conveying concepts, stories and experiences that bring other perspectives to life for otherwise uninterested audiences. Most recently he has produced work for Oxford University Press, the Bible Society and the Department for Culture Media and Sport.

You can find more of their work at and

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Wednesday 26th May 6.30-7.30pm

In Conversation with Alexandra Brown

Theme: Writing towards an anti-racist RE curriculum

Alex has written and spoken extensively around this theme and you can find out more before our event through these links

  1. An INSET day – George Floyd and Lockdown: Navigating through the complexities of race relations
  2. What Has the Murder of George Floyd Revealed About the Internal and External Nature of White Supremacy? | Conversations With… -What the murder of George Floyd revealed about the internal and external nature of White Supremacy
  3. Pain and Womanhood — Magical Women -Womenhood and pain (poem and a collaboration with various artists who responded to Alex’s words with artwork)
  4. Reflections on Black Suffering, Pain and Re-imagining Freedom | Conversations With… -Reflections on black suffering, pain and reimagining freedom
  5. A Letter of Urgency – Black Feminist Collective – A LETTER OF URGENCY
  6. Is Britain still racist? ( -Is Britain still Racist?
  7. Black Lives Matter: Reflections with Alexandra Brown (interfaith conversation with a good friend who is also an Imam)

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Spaces are strictly limited to allow everyone to participate fully in each session. Once registered joining details will be sent out at least one week prior to the event. Some sessions may include pre-reading.