Privacy Policy Change Log

10/07/23 – contact details updated to email

06/01/2023 – updated to:

Separate Individual Grants and Scholarship Programmes

Minor amendment to competition entrants to include all children and young people, rather than just pupils

13/09/2022 – updated to add RE Mentors Programme

02/08/2022 – updated to reflect changes to grants:

‘Individuals applying for a grant’ renamed to ‘Individual grant applications’

Masters Scholarship and Leadership Programme moved to with Individual grant applications and C Teach added.

‘Organisations applying for a grant’ renamed to ‘Project grant applications’

11/4/2022 – updated to remove:

Teach:RE tutored modules
Teach:RE – 200hr SKE
Teach:RE Tutors

And to add:

Culham St Gabriel’s course
Additional newsletter
Instagram and LinkedIn as social media platforms

29/4/2021 – updated to remove the retired researchforRE website. Added submission of a research report

14/01/2021 – updated to add competition entries

18/08/2020 – updated to include:
Changes to Teach:RE courses
Retiring of Email a Believer
Masters Scholarship Programme replacing 3forRE
Retiring of Networks
Addition of Leadership Programme
Addition of use of Events organised by CstG

18/07/2019 – Update to include the new Teach:RE Primary – An Introduction course

10/01/2019 – Updated to include the new Teach:RE DFE funded SKE 200 hour course

19/04/2018 – The first version of our Privacy Policy was approved by the Board of Trustees