CTeach Scholarship Programme



Are you a teacher of RE/Religion and Worldviews who would like to develop your expertise by learning about and using research from education in your classroom?

How would you like your skills, knowledge and behaviours as an accomplished teacher of RE/Religion and Worldviews to be recognised both in your school and more widely?

Culham St Gabriel’s Trust is beginning a new scholarship programme which supports the Chartered College of Teaching CTeach Award. This programme is for teachers of RE/Religion and Worldviews who want to focus on their teaching being evidence informed and would like support to draw on the latest educational research to help them. This programme applies research from general education to help you use research with a specific RE focus in future. It is a strong grounding for the other modules in the CTeach programme, which can then be completed independently.

You can take part in this fully tutored study programme, with all course fees and mentoring covered.

If you’re interested, read on to find out how you can join us!

What is involved?

This opportunity will allow teachers the opportunity to study one CTeach module, paid for and mentored by our Culham St Gabriel’s consultants, Justine Ball and Stacey Burman.

You can find out more about this module on the Chartered College website

To help you complete your studies successfully, we will offer participants the following:

  • Two mentor meetings during your studies to help you prepare and study effectively
  • Two community of practice meetings with fellow participants and mentors to discuss the course readings and to consider these general educational research topics with a specific RE/Religion and Worldviews focus
  • The costs of the module and mentoring will be covered by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust.

This CTeach Scholarship Programme will take place during the Spring Term 2024.

Are you interested in thinking about this more?

Please use the following link to complete the application form and download the headteacher consent.

Closing Date for Applications: 25th November 2023.

You will be notified in December 2023 if you have a place.