How to Apply

Before you apply for a grant, please make sure you can say ‘yes’ to each of the following two questions:

Is your application relevant to one or more of Culham St Gabriel’s strategic objectives?

Is your application for a project in the UK?

And before you complete the grant application form, please make sure you can say ‘no’ to the following question:

Does your application include building costs or ongoing running expenses?

Does your application include deficit reduction i.e. covering costs already incurred?

Is your application for teaching resources/textbooks?

Is your application for religious proselytising or religious instruction (as opposed to religious education/religion and worldviews)?

Is your application for RE or related programmes delivered by external groups visiting schools? 

You may want to view the below powerpoint presentation before you apply for a grant 

If you are confident your application meets our grants criteria, please apply here

If you have any questions please contact


Download the presentation

Apply For A Grant V2 Dec 2020


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