Theos Think Tank

Grant Awarded 2019-20 £6,000

The Trust funded dissemination for a report which seeks to make a clear case for adopting the concept of worldviews in Religious Education in both community and religious character schools. The report argues that the worldview proposal should not be seen as a focus on the content to be taught, but as a way of framing how that content is introduced to the students.

As part  of this dissemination Nobody Stands Nowhere is a new animation from the Theos Think Tank which aims to unpack the concept of worldview. The film reminds us that there is no such thing as a neutral perspective and that everyone sees the world through a lens, or mix of lenses.

The film could we used in a range of settings -with pupils, teachers, educators, worldview community groups… let us know how you use it!! You could even write a blog about how you used it for REONLINE!