The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast

Grants Awarded: £3250 2017-18, £10,000 2018-19

The Panpsycast is a podcast that supports teachers, students and academics. The podcast also aims to awaken fellow freethinkers worldwide and inspire a new generation of philosophers and theologians.

The show primarily covers high school, A Level and undergraduate topics in religious studies and philosophy. The goal of each episode is to make exciting, challenging topics and research accessible to students, teachers, academics and the general public. The podcast aims to be accessible in every way; available internationally, free of charge, with an emphasis on making content understandable and enjoyable to non-specialists.

The Panpsycast has over 75,000 subscribers and is regularly ranked amongst the top podcasts on iTunes’ Higher Education chart, making it one of the largest Religious Studies providers in the UK. A number of distinguished guests have appeared on the podcast, including Rebecca Newberger GoldsteinA. C. GraylingDaniel DennettSteven PinkerSkye Cleary, and Peter Singer.

The podcast is supported by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and Westhill Endowment, as well as through the show’s patrons.

The Panpsycast is available on all major platforms, including iTunesSpotifyTuneIn, and Google Play. Click here to view episodes by theme, or see a list of the show’s previous guests.

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