Liverpool Community Spirit

Grant awarded 2020/21 £4,950, 2021/22 £1,986

Liverpool Community Spirit produced three classroom video resources on diversity within Judaism. They are designed for KS3 and GCSE R.E./R.S.

 Topics covered:

Video 1: Practices: Bar and Bat Mitzvah

Video 2: Beliefs: Messiah and Afterlife. Practices: Death and mourning rituals

Video 3: Practices: Brit Milah (circumcision)

Diverse Jewish community perspectives included: Ashkenazi Orthodox, Sephardi Orthodox, Chabad Lubavitch (Chasidic) and two Liberal Progressive perspectives.

These videos and the accompanying Teacher notes document with timings for all topics and guidance on how to use the videos are FREE and can be accessed by teachers via our Liverpool Community Spirit website