Canterbury Christ Church University

Grant Awarded 2019-20 £16,500

Canterbury Christchurch Universitywas awarded a grant for a project entitled, Teaching Islam as a Worldview. This project created resources that bring together a multidisciplinary approach to the teaching of Islam. It produced that support teachers in teaching Islam across the religion and worldviews curriculum but it also provides opportunities to use other disciplines (history, art, theology and geography) as a lens through which to engage pupils in RE. The research that underpins the project was generated by two specialists in the teaching of Islam and RE (Revell and Panjwani), their work advocates an engagement with Islam that is critical and which understands that there are many Muslim communities.

This project featured on RE:ONLINE as Research of the Month and can be found here

Some of the resources from the project were featured on RE:ONLINE as Resource of the Month and can be found here