Religion and Worldviews

Culham St Gabriel’s is delighted to support a champions programme. These champions come from different walks of life but are united in their understanding of the value and importance of an education in religion and worldviews.

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Read an article by Bushra Nasir CBE about the importance of an education in religion and worldviews:

Why every academy needs to teach Religion and Worldviews

Listen to Paul Kerensa advocating for a high quality education in religion and worldviews:

The Trust actively supports the recommendations in the Commission on RE (2018). A statement about the report was made in December 2018 by the Trust:

Culham St Gabriel’s Trust fully endorses the vision of Religion and Worldviews, and welcomes the direction of travel in the eleven recommendations. We believe that the subject currently called RE urgently needs to be rejuvenated. This should happen in ways that reflect the social, cultural, religious and secular realities of our nation. The subject should be defined by a statutory statement of entitlement. The DfE should make a significant investment in initial and continuing training, modernising the legal structures that support Religion and Worldviews.

As a Trust we are committed to investing in immediate change and improvement for Religion and Worldviews. We will continue to promote high standards of CPD and research and continue to enable advocacy for better recognition and policy change. We will be pleased to work with partners and grantees who share our vision and work constructively to promote it. We congratulate the Commission on RE for an excellent, visionary report, which recognises the need for urgent action; and we look forward to a better future for Religion and Worldviews.

The Trust works with partner organisations to campaign for the implementation of the recommendations and in particular with the Religious Education Council of England and Wales and the Religious Education Policy Unit.

This website explains the focus of the campaign and how to get involved:

Available to download below is the proposed national plan for Religion and Worldviews (RE)

A National Plan for RE in England


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