Looking back…. Looking forward….

Looking back….

At the start of a new year it is good to reflect on things, to review and evaluate. I’ve now been in post as CEO of Culham St Gabriel’s for eight months. It seems to have flown by! I love my job! In those eight months I have met and worked with some amazing people who are passionate about the study of religion and worldviews. I’ve met teachers who want to see the subject valued and taught well in their schools. I’ve debated and discussed with advisers who spend time and energy supporting quality curriculum and pedagogical choices. I’ve attended meetings of various stakeholders who want to see the importance of the study of religion and worldviews promoted not only in schools, but more generally in public life. I’ve enjoyed getting to know other funders and exploring new ways of engaging with our grantees. The last eight months have been rewarding and fulfilling.

Looking forward…

Culham St Gabriel’s began a strategic review at the end of 2019 and will complete this ready for a new strategic plan to begin in September this year. It is evident that not only is society changing but also the lived reality of religion and worldviews is fluid. The world of education is changing too. These contextual factors are important for everyone, but particularly for a Trust like ours. Over this coming year we will be reviewing our programmes (Teach:RE, RE:ONLINE, Leadership Pilot and Research) and grants, as well as our work with stakeholders and funders in order to ensure they are fully aligned with our new strategy.

We look forward to working with you all in 2020.


Kathryn Wright Chief Executive Officer, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust @kathrynfenlodge

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