Welcome from the CEO

I am delighted to welcome you to Culham St Gabriel’s Trust. Our vision is for a high-quality, broad-based religious education, exploring religion and worldviews openly, rigorously, critically and reflectively in the context of a changing and globalised world.

The Trust was formed in 2012, bringing together two former Trusts, the Culham Educational Foundation and St Gabriel’s Trust. The former Trusts were established in the late 1970s after the closure of two Church of England teacher training colleges, Culham College in Oxfordshire and St Gabriel’s College in  Southwark, London.

The Trust is committed to providing teachers of RE and other professionals with the support, connections, challenges and professional development they need. We want all partners in RE, such as parents, school governors, faith/belief communities and policy makers, to be positively aware of the benefits of high-quality RE. You can read more about our Strategic Plan 2016-2020 here:

We have a family of websites which support our vision:

www.cstg.org.uk – this provides information about our grant giving programme, including 3froRE our Masters support scheme.

www.reonline.org.uk – this provides practical resources for the classroom teacher as well as detailed subject knowledge, blogs, ‘email a believer’ and news items.

https://researchforre.reonline.org.uk – this brings together those who teach and research RE, sharing research reports and encouraging collaboration and new ideas, so that cutting-edge research can have a real-life impact both inside and outside the classroom.

www.teachre.co.uk – this provides details of our Teach:RE courses programme. This includes our 200 Hour DFE funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement course, as well short distance learning courses for serving teachers.

These are exciting times for religious education. The Commission on RE (2018) report provides a series of recommendations that could transform the subject for children and young people. As a Trust we are fully committed to investing in the reimagining of the subject, seeking changes and improvements in policy and excellence in classroom practice.

I look forward to working with you as we seek to fulfil our vision.


Kathryn Wright Chief Executive Officer, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust @kathrynfenlodge

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