University of Birmingham with St Peter Saltley Trust

Grant Awarded 2020-21 £17,809

University of Birmingham with St Peter Saltley Trust were awarded a grant to help change the way the public and key decision-makers understand the relevance of questions of religion and belief to the unfolding crises facing the climate and nature. Working with teachers in the West Midlands, the project aims to:
a) Better understand the ways environmental ethics and practice are currently taught within RE/RS, and gain a more accurate picture of what teachers need;
b) Develop teacher confidence and subject leadership, starting with a cohort of 8 teachers participating in a six month teacher fellowship programme;
c) Through the fellowship programme, to collaboratively create new resources and materials for primary and secondary pupils;
d) To develop a website and associated network of teachers who can share further resources, materials and pedagogies in this area of Religion and Worldviews.

The project is currently in phase 2