Our Strategic Direction Part 3

Today I’m going to share something about our final two strategic objectives. These are:

  • Developing excellent leadership and teaching of religion and worldviews; and
  • Facilitating the religion and worldviews community to work more cohesively

Our new pilot leadership programme which began earlier this year in many ways lies at the heart of developing excellent leadership, and yet at the same time draws together the religion and worldviews community through a highly effective steering group. It exemplifies these two strategic objectives. This programme will continue into 2020-21 and will be evaluated and no doubt revised and improved for a new cohort later next year.

The Teach:RE courses we offer are being refined and reshaped to reflect our new objectives focusing on every stage of the career of a teacher of RE. RE:ONLINE continues to provide high quality resources for teaching religion and worldviews, as well as connecting leaders through blogs and newsletters. The Research for RE website will be moving inside REONLINE later this year too to show the importance of being research aware, research informed and research active.

One of the most important and enjoyable roles as I have as CEO is to help connect people. During our strategic review the word ‘connectivity’ came up numerous times. Helping the religion and worldviews community to work more cohesively may mean many things over the next few years. The context in which we are working is changing daily at the moment and this will no doubt have an impact too. It might mean more joint projects or events, it might mean having some shared strategic goals, it might mean commissioned research, it might mean developing a resource together, it might mean joint lobbying…. These things are to be worked out… but at Culham St Gabriel’s we have a desire to bring about positive change in partnership with others, with you.

So…talk to us! Share your thoughts and ideas! Connect with us! I look forward to working with you.







Kathryn Wright Chief Executive Officer, Culham St Gabriel’s Trust @kathrynfenlodge

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