Statement on Religious Education

We are committed to excellence in religious education for all learners in all schools. By ‘religious education’ we mean a school curriculum subject, taught by school staff as a recognised element in a broad, balanced curriculum. We support RE that offers pupils an open, critical, accurate, impartial study of religious and non-religious world views. Examples of RE that we support can be seen on . Applicants are particularly advised to note that we do not support religious proselytism or instruction. We are open to working with networks of teachers, academy sponsors, and RE organisations with the knowledge and experience to develop RE professionally within and between schools.

For some types of RE work, CSTG offers alternatives to grants. We support teachers in research at Masters level through the 3forRE scheme, details of which can be seen on . We also support curriculum development and networking through a national network of local, strategic, grass-roots hubs led by professional teachers, which is explained here .