Our People

Dr Mark Chater


I am responsible for leading the strategic vision and planning of the trust, developing good connections with outside organisations, designing CSTG’s work with and for teachers, and reporting regularly to our trustees.

A trained and qualified teacher of RE, I taught in three schools before getting the bug for research and going to work in higher education. My doctorate in 1997 was an analytical comparison of the theory and practice of RE in confessional and non-confessional contexts. My teaching has included undergraduate Theology/RS, initial teacher education, bespoke school-based MA programmes, leadership and management.

For four years I was senior adviser for RE with the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority, looking after RE’s interests in the secondary and primary curriculum reviews. I came to this post in September 2011. What I like about CStG is the energy, faith and optimism we bring to the task of supporting and challenging RE teachers through our programme and grants, the opportunities we have to focus research minds on policy and practice questions, and the privilege of knowing many excellent colleagues and compadres in the RE world.