Conditions of Acceptance

A place on the programme is offered on the basis that:

-The applicant has completed an application form and two references have been received

-The applicant clearly demonstrates how their Masters study aligns with the Trust’s vision, mission and strategic objectives in relation to religion and worldviews

-The teacher/TA is UK based, employed by the school and is undertaking their Masters study part-time.

-The teacher informs Culham St Gabriel’s if they have applied for other sources of funding, whether a loan or grant, and/or if they are eligible for University alumni reductions, partnership reduction of special rates for school-based learning sets.

-The school (headteacher) has signed and returned the undertaking to provide three days of non-contact time per annum for the teacher to work on their Masters study

-The applicant takes an active role in the virtual community of practice including posting updates about their own research and taking part in conversations at least once a term.

-The applicant agrees to confirm the dissertation working title or area of study with the Trust prior to commencing study (usually at the beginning of Year 2). If the title is not related to religion and worldviews the funding may not be approved.

-The applicant agrees to write an impact report (format to be agreed) for the Trust at the end of their Masters course.

-The applicant disseminates their research findings through articles, research papers, blogs as well as network or hub meetings or conferences.

-The Trust continues to have funds available to support this programme. If your application is successful the Trust does it best to ensure that support is there for two year of Maters study. We understand the importance of continuity.

[1] Or £1300 per annum if the course is 3 years part-time.

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