Apply for a grant

Before you apply for a grant, please make sure you can say ‘yes’ to each of the following two questions:

Is your application relevant to one or more of Culham St Gabriel’s strategic goals?

Is your application for a project in the UK?

And before you complete the grant application form, please make sure you can say ‘no’ to the following five questions:

Does your application include building costs or ongoing running expenses?

Does your application include deficit reduction i.e. covering costs already incurred?

Is your application for teaching resources?

Is your application for religious proselytising or religious instruction (as opposed to religious education/religion and worldviews)?

Is your application for RE or related programmes delivered by external groups visiting schools?

If you are confident your application meets our grants criteria, please complete the appropriate online form. If you have any questions please contact :

Personal Professional Development Grant Application

Small-Scale Grant Expression of Interest (up to £5K)

Large-Scale Grant Expression of Interest (up to £30K)