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Culham St Gabriel’s provides individual and corporate grants to support research, development and innovation in RE in the UK.Case Study 1: RE for Real: What do pupils really need to learn about religion and belief in UK schools? (Goldsmiths University Faiths and Civil Society Unit) 

We are delighted to have supported RE for Real, a project that used reflective analysis and interviews with employers, parents, governors and pupils to discover their views about what school leavers need to know about religion and belief within modern society and how this relates to current educational policy.  The project built on the Religious Education Council’s A Review of Religious Education in England (2013) and has been instrumental in providing a new evidence-base to support and facilitate continuing national discussions. In 2015 the project report, RE for Real: the future of teaching and learning about religion and belief  , was published. We believe this report has big implications for the ways in which content is planned in RE, for pedagogical approaches and for the legal settlement and structures around the subject.  It has made a valuable evidence based contribution to RE policy discussions and will play an important role in the forthcoming commission to investigate the current legal settlement for RE .

Case Study 2: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (Schools Linking)

Most people will agree that Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development (SMSC) is complex! That’s why we greatly value the training approach taken by the Schools Linking project, helping school leaders and teachers to understand what SMSC is, how to look for it, how to evaluate its impact and how to talk about it with Ofsted. For many reasons, Ofsted is taking a closer look at SMSC and British values in its regular Section 5 inspections. We see the materials and training opportunities, the audits and analysis being developed by Schools Linking as crucial in helping schools to do it well. Their work with schools and local authorities is ongoing, and they hold regular CPD events for teachers and managers focused on leading outstanding SMSC.  View their website for more details: http://www.schoolslinking.org.uk.

Please see our grants section for more information.

Online Resources

Culham St Gabriel’s has a proven track record of providing key resources for all those involved in religious education, school worship, and school ethos. RE:ONLINE With over 1.5 million site visits per year, REonline is teachers’ first stop for refreshing, revitalising support for religious education. It provides information on core subject knowledge, being a subject leader and professional development as well as offering teaching resources and lesson inspiration. Visit RE Online TEACH:RE Our TEACH:RE site provides information, resources and professional development advice for anyone interested in becoming an RE teacher, teachers of RE, teachers with other specialisms involved in RE, HLTAs and TAs.  The site is also the home of our Teach RE Course. Visit TEACH:RE RE Matters RE Matters is a key part of RE:ONLINE providing news, TV and Radio Listings, a Festivals Calendar, our Email a Believer resource and our Cafe where teachers can come together to exchange views and ideas. Visit RE Matters

CPD Provision

TEACH:RE Course Since 2008, we have been providing a subject knowledge booster course for people embarking on teacher training. We have now increased provision to cater for CPD for Teaching Assistants and offer a bursary scheme for existing teachers to take Masters level professional development. Visit TEACH:RE

The 3forRE Scheme is a unique offer of support for professional development and improvement in school-based Religious Education for 2013-15. Find out more

RE Teacher Conferences

Culham St Gabriel’s puts on weekend CPD events for teachers of RE, with national speakers and high quality workshops.

“I’ve been fortunate to attend several of these events previously, and look forward to this as a special chance for teachers of RE to meet and share some inspiration. As RE Today editor, I am always on the look out for good practitioners with something to share through the pages of the magazine, so I hope some articles will come from the conference. The Saint Gabriel’s Trust is to be thanked warmly for their continued advocacy of RE in many ways.”

Lat Blaylock (editor of RE Today)

“This annual meeting is vital to keep us well informed. It gives us sense of community, instilling in us courage, enthusiasm and strength to carry on our roles under difficult times. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity”

Lucia Clark (RE Teacher)

“The weekend brings RE teachers from all over the country together, from various phases whom are all united in making our subject the best there is. It also helps you to evaluate your own practices and challenge you to be creative.”

Amanda Harris (RE Teacher) Please see our events section for more information

SMSC Provision

We are committed to supporting spiritual and moral development through our work supporting the Assemblies website (http://www.assemblies.org.uk) and our work with the RSA’s enquiry into SMSC and our support for the Schools Linking Network’s professional development on whole-school approaches to SMSC. See the RSA’s report on SMSC, School’s with Soul: http://www.thersa.org/action-research-centre/learning,-cognition-and-creativity/education/reports-and-events/reports/schools-with-soul We also support the Schools Linking Network’s SMSC provision for school leaders and teachers here http://www.schoolslinkingnetwork.org.uk/courses/smsc-development/#sthash.F1AIFqvj.dpbs