Our vision

Our vision is for a high-quality, broad-based religious education, exploring religions and beliefs openly, rigorously, critically and reflectively in the context of a changing and globalised world.

We believe that religious education and spiritual and moral development should be offered to all children and young people as part of their educational entitlement, to support human flourishing and high aspirations for individuals and communities.

To make this happen, we want to provide teachers and others providing religious education with the support, connections, challenges and professional development they need. Furthermore, we want all partners in RE, such as parents, school governors, faith/belief communities and policy makers, to be positively aware of the benefits of high-quality RE. Specifically, we want to see a future in which:

  • Teachers and other providers of religious education, in all sectors and contexts, and at all levels of education, are supported, connected, challenged and professionally developed in their knowledge, understanding and practice of RE and spiritual and moral development. They access this support, connection, challenge and development through excellent resources, networks offering new knowledge, and inspiring, rigorous conferences, courses and other events, provided directly or indirectly by CSTG. Their practice as teachers reflects depth and vitality, academic rigour and personal relevance.
  • Faith communities, SACREs, dioceses, parents, governors, school leaders, employers and policy makers are positively aware of the benefits that high-quality religious education and spiritual and moral development can bring to children, community, school, business and nation. They work with others in creating new opportunities for teaching and learning. They are effective, publicly and pro-actively, as advocates for RE and SMSC, facilitated directly or indirectly by CSTG and its key partners.

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