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Research for RE: New website and 7 pilot research projects

Research for RE (click here to visit the site), a digital and social knowledge exchange tool is now available. This aims to overcome the barriers teachers face in engaging with relevant research by making emergent re-related research freely available in an easily accessible and relevant format that can be quickly understood and appropriately used. We have been working with a wide range of stakeholders and partners, including NATRE and AULRE, to develop this tool. Access the tool here

In addition, working with a number of different funders, we are creating a network of funded research projects, aimed at targeting the key research issues and questions for RE over the next five years, (click here for details). The projects will be distributed across the country and across a range of different institutions in order to grow and solidify centres of RE research excellence.

Following focus groups and conversations with key stakeholders and partners across the whole RE world, a list of the next major research questions/ areas of importance for RE has been developed. These seven pilot project ideas are as follows:

1: The challenge of curriculum design in RE
2: Religious literacy
3: Emergent technologies and RE
4: Teachers and texts in the RE classroom
5: Children as scientific and religious reasoners
6: Educational disadvantage, social mobility and religious identity
7. RE teachers’ engagement with research.

For further details of these seven pilot projects please see http://www.cstg.org.uk/how-we-help/research-for-re/

Culham St Gabriel’s hopes to fund collaborative, rigorous projects focused on these areas that are relevant to classroom teachers, impactful, raise research capacity, and are capable of being scaled up. We would welcome conversations with any individuals, organisations, or partnerships interested in developing a proposal in any of these areas. In the first instance please get in contact with Dr James Robson, Lead Consultant for CSTG’s Research Strategy, james@cstg.org.uk