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Culham St Gabriel’s Trust Strategic Plan 2016-20


Excellent RE for pupils in all schools, underpinned by a new legal basis, positive policy priorities, public understanding, and effective structures; and enriched by accessible, high-quality professional development and research opportunities for teachers, trainers and developers of RE.


In schools, universities, and the policy environment, the outlook for RE remains uncertain. Demographic change, policy priorities, tight budgets, and educational reform have placed RE in an anomalous and vulnerable position that requires bold strategic thinking and cooperative effort. The challenges include understanding the educational purpose of RE, subject knowledge, pedagogical development, research, and policy.


In accordance with our charitable objects, and taking into account our context, in 2016-20 we intend to:

  1. Support an inclusive reform process to RE’s legal and policy basis, public understanding, and infrastructure, securing a firm basis for high standards;
  2. Enable individual teachers to access high-quality training, professional development and research opportunities, securing improvements in the depth of pupils’ and teachers’ understanding of religion and belief.

CSTG will work through systemic support, mutual challenge, collaborative leadership, and partnership with key organisations[1].



[1] CSTG’s key partners are: the Church of England Education Office (National Society); the RE Council; and RE Today with the National Association of Teachers of RE (NATRE).