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Understanding Christianity

Culham St Gabriel’s are delighted to see the launch of the Understanding Christianity materials at www.understandingchristianity.org.uk . Understanding Christianity is a substantial resource aimed at supporting RE teachers’ work in teaching about Christianity. We supported the project with a significant grant because of our commitment to excellence in RE, in the context to teaching and learning about religious and non-religious world views. We are very pleased to be hosting the materials on RE:Online. Warm congratulations to the RE Today writing team who produced and trialled this tremendous resource.

We see the Understanding Christianity materials as a crucial means to raising standards in RE through an new approach based on engagement with theological concepts. We recognise the difference these materials and the training can make to teaching and learning in RE as a whole.

We welcome the training events and would encourage all RE colleagues, in church and community schools alike, to consider what can be learnt from them.