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2015 Themed Grant Call: Assessment and Progression in RE

Culham St Gabriel’s is pleased to launch a themed grant call and, in addition to open grant proposals that fulfill the grant criteria, the trustees invite applications for grants to develop policy and practice on assessment and progression in RE. The grant would support work to produce a credible, forward-looking model of assessment and progression for the subject from early years to age 14.

The model should be:

  • consistent with the aims, breadth of content and end of key stage statements in the 2013 National Curriculum Framework for RE and the forthcoming 2014 RE Council Guidance on implementing the Framework.
  • informed by research on assessment and progression, both generic and RE-specific, including research on mastery learning.
  • ground-breaking in identifying innovative practice that will contribute to raising standards in RE nationally.
  • supported, where appropriate, by practical exemplification from primary and secondary schools.
  • where appropriate, based on collaboration between academic, professional, primary and secondary sources of expertise.

CSTG welcomes applications from individuals and/or organisations having the relevant knowledge and experience to develop and deliver the model. CSTG staff and trustees will work with the successful applicant(s) to negotiate and shape timelines and ensure successful completion and dissemination.

Applicants are asked to submit an initial expression of interest by emailing enquiries@cstg.org.uk indicating their capacity and experience for the project, and the relevance of the main tasks to the priorities identified above. In the first instance expressions of interest should be submitted by the extended deadline of 5pm on the 6th January. If the initial expression of interest is successful, the applicant will then be invited to submit a formal application.