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A & AS Level Results in RS

23,042 students sat the A level exam in 2012 compared with 22,325 in 2011: an increase of 717 students. 25.5% of students taking the exam gained an A* or A. 80.3% gained a C or above.

In a subject wide trend (see the BBC Story ‘A-Levels 2012: Top grades down this year’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-19266381), this is slightly lower than 2011 when 27.3% gained A* or A grades in RS, and 81.2% gained a grade C or above. Twice as many girls sat the exam as boys, performing slightly better at all grades.

33,654 students sat the AS level exam in 2012 compared with 33,915 in 2011: a decrease of 261 students. 22.3 % of students gained an A grade, 22.5% a B grade. Twice as many girls sat the exam than boys.

Subject Comparisons

A Levels 2012 (2011 in brackets)
English – 89,638 (89,980) students sat the A level exam.
Geography – 32,005 (31,226) sat the exam.
History – 51,652 (50,897) sat the exam.

AS 2012 (2011 in brackets)
English – 124,578 (128, 158)
Geography – 45,923 (45,302)
History – 70,426 (71,678)


In the light of recent events affecting RE, it is clear that there is substantial interest still in the subject at both A and AS Levels. However, the long time effects of the EBacc on A and AS Level numbers are still to be felt and a close eye must be kept on the statistics in the next two years.

Culham St Gabriel’s offers its congratulations to all the students who have worked hard to gain an A Level or AS in Religious Studies, and to the teachers who have so ably supported them.  We see this as further evidence of the rigorous, engaging and relevant nature of RE and RS.  We hope that all the successful candidates will find opportunities to engage in further study of RS or Theology at University and in lifelong learning.