Application for Individual Grant

Our next grant APPLICATION DEADLINE is:  11th May 2018

Before completing this application form, please ensure you have read and understood our grant criteria.

Use this form to apply to Culham St Gabriel's as an individual. We will only accept applications through this online form. However, to avoid the risk of losing your work, we recommend that you do not draft your application in this form. Instead you should write your proposal in a separate document and copy and paste it here when you are happy with it.

1. Personal Contact Information

2. Education

3. Employment History

4. Project Proposal: Part 1

Please give brief answers to the questions in Part 1. An extended statement should be provided in Part 2.

5. Project Proposal: Part 2, Statement

Please write a clear, concise statement on the proposed project. The statement should explain the project's aims, relevance to RE/ SMSC, and connection to your professional experience and your future hopes. It should show how you are planning towards the project's outcome, impact and dissemination. It is recommended that you write this in a separate document and copy and paste it into this form when you are happy with it.

6. Key Words

Please provide up to five key words that define what is distinctive about the CONTENT of your project.

7. Relevance to Culham St Gabriel's

8. References

Please give the names and contact details of two referees to whom you are well known and who can vouch for your qualifications and capability to undertake the proposed project. One of your referees must be your current employer, headteacher, or university tutor, as appropriate. Both referees should be able to comment objectively on your proposed project and professional capacity. Referees must not be financially dependent on you, accountable to you, or related to you. We would ask that you contact your referees in advance to make them aware that we will be approaching them for a reference.

9. Certification and Data Protection